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You may email Evette  e2designz.com@gmail.com  or call (404-768-2139) to place orders.  All efforts will be made to complete your order ASAP but please allow 4-8 weeks for orders, depending on travel/show schedule.  Evette will email you pictures during the production process for your approval . Christmas orders should be placed in early November.

Check, charge (i will send you an email invoice you can pay over computer) or money order.  Shipping/Insurance is not included in prices and will be added to your total.   (Bad check fee - $40)

- Purchases made in person at shows can be returned within 2 weeks of purchase for EXCHANGE ONLY.

- Purchases made by mail order may be returned within 2 weeks of delivery for a full refund, less shipping. Please pack your jewelry with enough bubble wrap to keep item from shaking loosely in the box to avoid breakage in the mail. (if you can hear it shaking add more bubble wrap) You will not receive a refund if the returned jewelry is damaged due to insufficient packing.  It is best to include tracking or insurance on the package to protect against loss in mail.

- refunds (less shipping) for mail order purchases only if received within 2 weeks of delivery
- "credit for exchange only" for return of items purchased at shows if received within 2 weeks of sale

return address for packages: (always call or email before sending)                        
2291 Rugby Lane, College Park, GA  30337       
404-768-2139       e2designz.com@gmail.com

If, at any time, the jewelry becomes damaged due to my craftsmanship, I will replace or make any repairs at no charge and reimburse you for shipping charges.  If customer is responsible for damage (that includes not storing it properly in the box with bubble wrap),  repair and return shipping fees will be charged.
Please contact me if you have any problems.

Your jewelry has hand made ceramic and glass pieces and sometimes fragile semi-precious stones. If you treat your items gently they will last a long time. Please avoid placing items on hard surfaces and banging this jewelry around. It can chip and wear out if you do not handle it with care. Always store in the box it came in with the bubble wrap, replace bubble wrap as needed.

My necklaces are strung on the highest quality 49 strand flexible beading wire. Necklaces and bracelets should be stored in the box with any packing materials it came with. Your jewelry is fragile, treat it gently and it won't break. Always carry in the the box it came in with the bubble wrap and rubber band, do not carry in pouches (unless it came in one) or bags in your purse or gym bag; avoid putting jewelry down on hard surfaces such as glass or ceramic counter tops, instead place it back in the box after wearing it. If you use a different box, make sure its big enough to place your piece without crowding and add bubble wrap to cushion.

When traveling, if you can't carry it on the plane with you, make sure you keep it in the box with bubble wrap to cushion it from loosely shaking and breaking in your luggage. These pieces will break if dropped or handled roughly.

CLEANING: Glass elements and gemstones can be cleaned with soft cloth. Earrings, bracelets with sterling and fine silver can be cleaned with sterling silver cleaning cloth. Do not immerse pearls or natural stones in silver liquid cleaner. Copper may be cleaned with Tarnax (found in supermarkets) or other metal cleaner listing "copper" in list of metals.

RINGS: Please do not adjust your ring after it is sized.  Wear it on the finger it was sized for at time of purchase ... if it was a gift you can adjust it to size the first time you wear it but don't adjust again to wear on different fingers ... the fine silver wire will eventually break if you bend and re-bend it to wear on different fingers or let other people wear it.  Use lotion or vaseline and turn the ring around your finger to get it off if you have problem taking off.

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